Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Lawrence Arms - Apathy And Exhaustion (2002)

The Lawrence Arms - Apathy And Exhaustion

01 - Porno And Snuff Films
02 - The First Eviction Notice
03 - Navigating The Windward Passage
04 - Your Gravest Words
05 - Boatless Boat Cruise (Part 1)
06 - Brick Wall Views
07 - The Corpse Of Our Motivations
08 - "I'll Take What's In The Box, Monty"
09 - Right As Rain (Part 2)
10 - 3 Am QVC Shopping Spree Hangover
11 - Abracadaver


Primer disco compartido casi parejamente entre B. Kelly y C. McCaughan. Se nota la diferencia de estilo muy claramente, mientras las canciones de Kelly son cortas, rapidas y agresivas, las de McCaughan son un poco mas lentas y autoreflexivas. Hacen un muy buen contraste.

Puntuacion: 08/10

Mejores Canciones: Porno And Snuff Films, Your Gravest Words, Boatless Boat Cruise & Abracadaver

"It can happen to you well, I'd love to believe.
but I'm slamming this bottle on this same damned street.
I've melted. I've felt it. It stings worse than pain.
Apathy, exhaustion, it all seems the same, fire away."
- "I'll Take What's In The Box, Monty"